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It Will All Hurt

It Will All Hurt

By Farel Dalrymple

Publisher: Study Group

It Will All Hurt is a weird, sad, silly, and sketchy, fantasy adventure strip with magic and science-fiction and some fighting action.

The Whale

The Whale

By Aidan Koch

Publisher: Gaze Books

“In her debut graphic novel The Whale, 22-year-old artist Aidan Koch manages to conjure up some major emotions with barely any words. Instead, her drawings take center stage.

It’s the first release from Gaze Books, an indie publishing company recently founded by comic artist Blaise Larmee.

In Koch’s book, we’re presented with issues like love, loss, and dealing with harsh realities, all within the context of nature. Trust us, it’s a complex story under a deceptively simple guise.

Field Studies

Field Studies

By Aidan Koch

Publisher: Floating World Comics

Aidan Koch’s Field Studies is a series of drawings from travels beginning in January 2012. She started in Olympia, WA and continued to draw wherever she was: mushroom hunting in California; touring Belgium, Germany, and Sweden; back through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Utah, then finally back home to the Northwest.

This book collects all 90 drawings that were made between January 19 and November 15, 2012, reprinted at their original 5″ x 7″ size. Taken as a whole they form an illustrated essay – a year in the life of an artist on the road. A signed special edition printed on windsor blue paper is also available. These are limited to 100 copies and each has a unique Field Study drawn by Aidan at the end of the book.


The Boy in Question

By Michael DeForge

Publisher: Space Face

Always important to keep the DeForge stock well-maintained. Here’s his newest (at time of writing 7/12/13). You ever notice how sick Mike’s text layout skills are? Always what hooks me in for these titles. And of course, the insides have characters the likes of which can’t be found in anyone else’s weirdest fever dreams.

This particular story is about two soldiers awaiting backup. As you can imagine, things escalate quickly. Hilarious.

Very Casual

By Michael Deforge

Publisher: Koyama Press

Spring 2013 will bring a double dose of DeForge starting with Very Casual. Culled from mini comics, online comics and anthology contributions, Very Casual collects notable short stories from DeForge’s prolific oeuvre. Included are stories about litter gangs, meat-filled snowmen, righteous cops, beagle/human hybrids, and forest-bound drag queens. Very Casual also collects Spotting Deer, which won the Pigskin Peters Award for best non-traditional, non-narrative or avant-garde work at the 2011 Doug Wright Awards.