Lucky's Comics

New Arrivals



By Jane Mai

Publisher: Peow

Soft is a dark summer romance story between Laura and her sudden and close relationship with a real Hong Kong Vampire. The news is reporting mysterious deaths of teenagers around the city while Laura is become more and more attached to her new friend. SPOOKY!

The Hunter

The Hunter

By Joe Sparrow

Publisher: Nobrow

In a time centuries before our own, one arrogant hunter has grown bored of sport. Only the legends of a mythical beast excite him now, but when he goes hunting for the creature he quickly discovers that he is outmatched. Because this beast is not any mythical animal but is composed of all the hunted prey killed in the past, and it is most certainly out for revenge.



By William Exley

Publisher: Nobrow

Abandoned by his friends, one young boy goes searching for fun—and finds a golem on the hunt for the same. But as the two go about living out their dreams of having the best summer ever, the boy realizes that golems don’t know how to take it easy. To save his town, he’ll have to get his new friend under control!


Intelligent Sentient?

By Luke Ramsey

Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Intelligent Sentient? feels like an artifact from another time—a lost feature in OMNI magazine or the album booklet for a late-1970s Hawkwind record or perhaps a print version of Koyaanisqatsi. Beautiful, detailed filigreed drawings fold in on themselves and blossom out at the reader as time speeds up and contracts. A loose story is told that involves a society of giant people, strange art, and inexplicable scientific experiments utilizing nonexistent technology. Factories and tree houses teem with life, and the city nestles up against a landscape filled with dinosaurs, apes, and dragonflies living peacefully side by side.

Safari Honeymoon

Safari Honeymoon

By Jesse Jacobs

Publisher: Koyama Press

Join a pair of young newlyweds as they descend deep into a mysterious forest, encountering unknown creatures and unimaginable landscapes. Amongst the unusual flora and fauna, they discover within themselves something more strange and terrible than any sight their safari has to offer. Safari Honeymoon is a tale of jungle love and jungle madness.

The Libertarian

By Nick Maandag

Hardcore Libertarian Rod Vanderbranch falls for a Vegan-Socialist-Feminist named Tangerine with hilarious results. Maandag’s dry sense of humor only makes the absurdities pop that much more in this LOL tale of Modern Romantic Politics.